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Grampian Tutoring is a limited company, registered in Scotland number 427856


Who We Are


Grampian Tutoring Ltd was founded in 2012 on the grounding that sometimes the classroom does not provide enough to fulfil the educational capabilities of many students. Due to the fact the company was founded by a full time secondary school teacher, living and working in the Aberdeen City/Aberdeenshire area, there is a crucial awareness of the need for additional support for many beyond what is offered by the UK education system. With education now facing more hardships than ever before due to extreme cuts to government funding, the additional support means that were once on offer to those sitting their exams are no longer viable and alternatives must be sought out.



What We Do


Grampian Tutoring Ltd strives to be an accessible and supportive addition to secondary education in the Aberdeen City/Aberdeenshire area. With an ever-growing team of experienced tutors, including fully qualified and practicing teachers, Grampian Tutoring Ltd are proud to offer one-on-one tuition to secondary school students in a range of subjects.



Easter Revision


Each year Grampian Tutoring Ltd also provides a two-week long Easter School during the Easter break which provides courses, in blocks of one or two days, to support students in the last few weeks before their exams. These courses are comprehensive recaps, with a focus on exam skills. Each tutor has their own unique teaching style, but question practice and recapping the core elements of each course are guaranteed and have proven to be very useful for students as a means of supervised and driven revision.



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